If i havent seen you in long ass time then i start to go on your facebook or on your twitter or everywhere else nd just want to look at your pictures like theres no tomorrow…girl its not even funny how much i miss i mean like dang every where i look theres you… if theres no more you there wont be no more me either…. I love you to the moon and back, when the sun dies till the moon and stars fall out the sky I love you babygirl none stop! (:



You on my mind every second of every day…..your the last thing I think bout usually your voice is the last one I hear… your the only one I think bout in my dreams (other than me) if the dream not bout yu I see yu somewhere in the corner somewhere random js…. your the first person I think bout every morning first person I hear every morning… I love you nd miss you like crazy :/


He’s been here through all the tears smiles nd even the the lil laughs Ive had bt yeah hold on to him ever night very tight nd not letting go of him, because letting go of him is like letting go of you nd letting you leave me nd I’m not letting that happen….I love him so much….just like I love you


My head hurts Its stormimg like hell out here i dont have anyone by myside it really sucks.. i miss my babygirl well idk what to freak to do as long as i got to talk to her all day yesterday… oh well :/


I mean like damn why am I so scared to talk to you I fell us pushing away I’m trying my hardest to pull us closer bt its not working….i m scared to talk to yu cuz ik yu get upset ik till just get quiet on me nd I hate that we’ll just get more far apart…bt I just wanna know do yu even feel if or wonder?  Becuz I just want to say “Mommy I don’t yu to leave me I want you to stay forever nd more” #HurtingMoreThanAnyoneKnows :,(